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John Waller is available to deliver the following presentations at any church  in the UK

Islam Awareness Day

Unlike the great majority in our society today most Muslims are eager to engage with Christians on spiritual matters. Sadly the response of most believers to Islam is only an isolationism born of fear & ignorance.  This vital presentation aims to tackle that ignorance; firstly by providing an overview of the origins and history of the Islamic religion, then detailing the important points of engagement in our witnessing such as the Trinity, Christ as the God-Man and His atoning death on the Cross. A ground-level introduction to the subject and an urgently-needed resource for our day.

Last Days Weekend                                                                        

This presentation; ideal for delivery to an audience over a single weekend, takes us through the major eschatological passages from Daniel through to Revelation, seeking to establish the doctrinal position step-by-step from the Bible rather than imposing a pre-conceived system upon the scriptures. Arriving at a pre-millenial, post-tribulational position, the presentation nevertheless seeks to deal fairly with the opposing viewpoints.

Prayer Weekend

There is no higher calling for the believer, or more urgent need for our day than that of prayer. Yet how many believers feel hopelessly ill-equipped in this vital area and are perpetually frustrated by their inability to make progress? Whilst dealing with practical issues such as fasting and receiving answers to prayer, this is not a "how-to" event as no one can teach us to pray except God Himself. Instead the weekend aims to inspire and encourage believers to spend more time alone with God and to nurture an ever-greater hunger for the exciting adventure of prayer. Ideal for a Church retreat.

Spiritual Gifts Weekend

Centering on an in-depth study of the classic chapters 12-14 of 1 Corinthians this presentation highlights the spiritual gifts that God gave both for the unity and for the edification of the Body of Christ. The ongoing validity of the charismata is affirmed and the common objections raised by the “Cessationist” are tackled.  Ideal for a weekend retreat where time can be factored in for spiritual impartation.

Christian Apologetics                                                

Being an apologist means...never having to say you're sorry.
  Because that is not what apologetics is about! Rather an apologia is a reasoned defence of the Christian faith. As biblical Christianity comes under increasing pressure from aggressive secularism, there has never been a more urgent need, both to understand our own faith and to engage intelligently with those who challenge it.(1 hour)


The Making of the English Bible                                                      

In a time when the shelves of bookstores groan under the weight of the myriad of English translations; how many of us are aware of the fact that for long centuries no one owned a Bible in their own language,  indeed to do so would have been a crime?  Focusing especially on the New Testament, from Erasmus' Textus Receptus through to the modern translations, we see how God has graciously moved in history to re-deliver the Word of God to His people; and how brave men of the past faced down ferocious opposition to that work, sometimes at the cost of their own lives. (1 hour)

The God-breathed Scriptures                                                                    

A look at the canon of Scripture; its inspiration, inerrancy and its sufficiency for all of the Christian life. In an age where its accuracy is denied and its authority derided, we see how we can still trust the Bible as the sole infallible rule of faith and conduct in the Church.(1 hour)

A Harmony of the Resurrection Accounts  

The Empty Tomb of Jesus is one of the foundational beliefs of the Christian faith and the bedrock of our hope in a future resurrection. Yet the resurrection accounts detailed in the New Testament are not always as easy to make sense of as we might wish. Sceptics insist the gospel narratives are actually irreconcilable. This presentation takes us step-by-step through the accounts, dealing head-on with the difficulties and showing how the differing accounts actually complement rather than contradict one another. A useful resource at any time but especially in the run-up to Easter. (1 hour)

The Story of the Reformation                                                                      

 On the 31st October 1517  Martin Luther posted his famous 95 Theses on the door of the Wittenberg church and our world changed forever. An overview of the Protestant Reformation and a look at the lives of the brave men who challenged the authority of the Pope and brought renewal to the Body of Christ.(1 hour)

The Triune God                                                                           

The Trinity is the most distinctively Christian doctrine of them all; one that separates our faith from every other belief-system on the planet. Yet it is surely also the least understood of all doctrines!
This presentation aims to deal with the confusion that often surrounds this vital subject and to clarify what the Bible reveals about the nature of God.The aim is to provoke God’s people to a greater appreciation of this beautiful truth and to an ever-deeper worship of the Triune God who saved us.(1 hour)                                                                                   


  “O Lord, revive your work in the midst of the years”  (Hab 3:2)
 In an age when we cry out for God to renew His work amongst us we take a look at the history of revival, both within the pages of the Bible and from later Church history.  In an era of many so-called moves of the Spirit this presentation outlines the principles, the ingredients and the evidences of true revival.(1 hour)

St Mary's, Wycliffe-on-Tees This hamlet by the river was the family seat of John Wycliffe, the first man to translate the Bible into English.

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