Wednesday, 2 March 2016


Well, the blog has a heartbeat once more, at least for the moment. And no issue was more likely to drive me out of cyber-retirement than current events across the pond; events which I can only view with real sorrow & concern.

Unless something remarkable happens (and it will need to happen very, very soon) then it appears inevitable that Americans will soon be going into a general election faced with a ballot paper bearing the names of Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump.

Could any nation be deserving of such a fate?

Well actually, the answer to that question has to be an unqualified yes. This is after all the nation that goes about its daily business whilst wading knee-deep in the blood of 55 million aborted innocents. 

 A nation that only months ago received an urgent moral wake-up call in the form of the Planned Parenthood videos which showed all with eyes to see the true evil of the US abortion industry, and responded by prosecuting the good guys.

I had a sense at the time of the PP videos that the Lord was allowing their release as a final warning: an urgent call for repentance to a country oblivious to the storm clouds of judgement gathering overhead.

 But no repentance has come and with that a line has surely been crossed. If those videos could not stir consciences then what could? Barring a gracious move of God's Spirit nothing can hold back the flood waters.

  I have never accepted the old line that we get the leaders we deserve, for I am sure that in reality we always deserve men & women far more heinous than those the Lord actually allows.

But still a ballot paper bearing the names of Hillary "It's my turn" Clinton & Donald J Trump would seem to mark a particularly low point in America’s political & spiritual life.

I'm reminded of the 2002 French presidential election in which the final round unexpectedly came down to a standoff between Jacques Chirac, who was interminably fighting off allegations of corruption, and the head of France’s far-right NF party Jean-Marie Le Pen.

 Given such a depressing non-choice, France on that occasion accepted the grim-humoured advice on offer that she ought to “vote for the crook, not the fascist.”

Is the US now placing itself in a similarly unenviable position? I knew things looked bleak for the US but I had expected the lines to fall somewhat differently to this.

 It seemed clear even to this distant observer that the US has become two separate societies. One liberal & secular, concentrated on the coasts; whilst the other - sprawled across the fly-over states - solidly conservative, but also still genuinely Christian & evangelical.

Or so it had seemed.

 How was such a deeply polarised country to avoid what we might term the Amos 3:3 Syndrome: that is how do you make laws for two wholly different peoples who have wholly different worldviews? Where are the shared values without which no society can long survive? How could such a diametrically opposed citizenry continue to live under a single flag?

Nevertheless, I -until very recently- remained envious that a strong evangelical core vote at least guaranteed Americans a real choice when it came to elections.

 It seemed that in the States (more than just) a few good men could always be found to make a stand for righteousness’s sake unlike here in the UK where it can be desperately difficult to find a single upright God-fearing candidate let alone an entire party of them.

In truth, British Christians who wished to vote according to scriptural principles & their consciences have had no real choice in elections for a very long time.

Is this tragic fate about to befall the US also?

It is looking increasingly clear, given Trump’s poll numbers amongst so-called evangelicals, that the substantial evangelical voting bloc everyone thought still existed across vast tracts of continental America may in fact be only a hollowed-out shell.

The Bible Belt appears to have lost its buckle.

 How else are we to explain “Christian” America’s infatuation with Donald "PP has done great work for millions of women" Trump?

The failure of any of the genuinely conservative & Christian candidates to make a significant breakthrough on Super Tuesday would seem to mark a watershed.  There are indeed two Americas, but in future neither will represent true evangelicalism. 

 So it is that the shady, scandal-ridden Clinton & the serial divorcee Trump are seemingly not only going to win their respective nominations, but can both be touted as legitimate Christian candidates in the process!  

 Dr James White concluded recently that the people for whom the US constitution was designed no longer existed. It had been replaced by an electorate “self-centered, ignorant, arrogant, sinful, & secularist.” I would strongly recommend you read his whole post for an excellent diagnosis of America's condition.

This is a situation which should concern Bible-believing Christians in every country for the world badly needs a morally upright America especially these days.

Europe has wholly disappeared into a morass of moral relativism and in the UK our religious liberties are daily eroded by an ever-more aggressive secular elite.

 On the abortion issue, there has tragically never existed a voting bloc or a political movement over here capable of overthrowing the secularists' commitment to what Dr White calls “Molech International,” nor does there seem the slightest indication that there ever will be one.

 We looked to the US to provide the moral lead on this as on so many other issues, but if either the ardently pro-abortion Clinton or the man who has flip-flopped so much on the issue triumph in November, then who will be left to stand against the baby-killers?

You do not stop Holocausts without a Roosevelt or a Churchill and neither seems to be on the horizon right now.

 The world is becoming a very dark place.

If, in such perilous times, the venerable old lady who bestrides New York harbour can no longer be relied upon to shine a little light then just who can? 
Oh Lord, send revival.