Thursday, 31 March 2016


A superb edition of Dr Mohler’s The Briefing, a programme which forms an important ingredient in my daily dose of sanity from across the pond.

 The items dealt with today are some of the most important issues that bible-believing Christians will come across today and are well worth 22 minutes of your time.

 He begins with the growing pressures being exerted by big corporate giants like Coca-Cola against those holding to biblical values (is it my imagination or is the US losing its religious liberties even faster than the UK these days?).

I mentioned this matter of commercial pressures briefly in my teaching on the Thyatira church in the Revelation series posted a few days ago and we will need to return to it.

 This kind of corporate bullying is really worrying because it can make itself felt in a believer’s daily life much more quickly and much more profoundly even than governmental legislation can. Moreover we have the opportunity to vote out the government but we cannot vote out Amazon!

 We are dealing here with companies that have become massive by outperforming and eventually destroying most of the opposition and so cornering the market in their given area. If you want to see an example of the ubiquity of these interests here in the UK try finding a corner shop these days that does not have the yellow Premier sign over the door.     

Now imagine if Premier & the big four supermarkets decided tomorrow that they didn’t wish to serve "bigoted" Christians: we might soon find ourselves looking for an allotment plot just to put food on the table!

 After that this edition of the Briefing tackles the issue of “messaging tactics” & Mohler’s diagnosis is one of which all Christians need to be aware. We are all of us affected by the messages that we imbibe from the secular society around us and those not firmly rooted in the biblical worldview will eventually end up believing whatever we are told to believe by the latest soap opera/news bulletin.    

After that a discussion of the supposed “evangelical” vote that is being attracted by Donald Trump. As I suggested a while back things are not what they seem with these supposed evangelicals…

 Enjoy the programme then I suggest you click “Add to Favourites.” We really need to be listening to guys like Mohler these days.  

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