Monday, 4 May 2015


Well, it looks like the Driscoll bus is soon going to be back on the road again, and having added my tuppence-worth to the saga in the past I suppose I must say something about his impending resurrection.

In truth I stopped listening to The Comeback Kid's performance at the Thrive 2015 Leadership Conference once he began to make the overt comparisons between himself & Jesus on the cross. 

 Perhaps if I could have stomached more I might have got to the part where he offered his profuse apologies to all the families he destroyed at Mars Hill.

Maybe, but I doubt it.

The whole tone of what I did hear was clear enough: I, Mark Driscoll, am the offended party but in my graciousness I will forgive all those who have hurt me. 

Such benevolence!

There was plenty of talk of family however- his family that is.

It was a virtuoso performance tugging at the heart strings of his gullible audience as he reminded them all (for he has told these stories before) of the suffering as a family they have all had to endure over the months. 

It's just a pity that a few of those many families who ended up under the wheels of the Mars Hill bus weren't invited along so they could compare notes

And so, soon the Evangelical-Industrial Complex will do what it does best, which is to sweep the unresolved past under the carpet & get our Mark back where he belongs out on the circuit earning mega-bucks for the good ol' boys.

Of course, what ought to happen is that MD, in obedience to his obligations under Matthew 5:23-24, return to face the music, and his many accusers in Seattle. 

Only when that happens can the full biblical restitution & forgiveness process he ran from last year be seen through to a proper conclusion.

But we all know that it will be a cold day in Seattle when that happens don't we?