Friday, 28 November 2014


Their faces peer at us from the shelf of every Christian bookshop. The names differ, but the photograph is always the same.

The close-up image clearly reveals every scar and pockmark of the skin. A shock of almost skinhead hair frames steely eyes that glare at us with more than a suggestion of malice, the lips almost but not quite forming into a snarl.

It is the image of the hard man. It communicates to us a sense of menace and it is intended to.

Monday, 24 November 2014


Apparently the folks at Biologos, those redoubtable proponents of Theistic Evolution, are about to spend spend $3.6 million dollars convincing the rest of us of their beliefs

But what beliefs?

Go and read the whole article at The Aquila Report. Some of the quotes are priceless…

“The BioLogos website gives three options regarding the existence of Adam and Eve: “One option is to view Adam and Eve as a historical pair living among many 10,000 years ago, chosen to represent the rest of humanity before God.  Another option is to view Genesis 2-4 as an allegory in which Adam and Eve symbolize the large group of ancestors who lived 150,000 years ago. Yet another option is to view Genesis 2-4 as an ‘everyman’ story, a parable of each person’s individual rejection of God.”

 “Wheaton College Old Testament professor John Walton…sees Adam as a real person but one whom God did not literally make from the dust of the ground.”

"Eastern University biology professor David Wilcox is using a BioLogos grant to write a book about human origins models. He’s still weighing the options, but leans toward a model where Adam is the “chieftain” of a small, ancient tribe.”

"Oliver Crisp, a professor at Fuller Theological Seminary, says of Adam and Eve, “Maybe God implants in this pair a moral awareness and a likeness to God…”

 “Deb Haarsma says BioLogos does not have a set position on whether Adam and Eve were historical individuals or symbolic…these are questions that we’re researching and discussing.”

Do you think that maybe these people aren’t actually sure what they believe themselves?

Perhaps one option would be that they should spend a little more time getting their own (evolved) ducks in a row before spending all that money telling the rest of Christendom what to think.     


Saturday, 22 November 2014


My self-imposed blogging purdah has not prevented my taking note of the fact that over in the US, Russell Moore, the president of the Southern Baptist's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) has been taking a degree of flak from certain quarters over his decision to attend the Vatican's "Colloquium on Marriage and the Family" earlier this month.

His own defence of his position is here

For myself, I have no problem with what Moore did in attending the Vatican. Marriage is a creation ordinance, and one of the bulwarks of every society on earth. It is necessary as Moore says, "for human flourishing and social good."

Saturday, 8 November 2014


Blogging light to non-existent at present as I am busy with other things.

However I had to post this excellent article I came across on how we often mis-use John 3:16. It may be just about the only verse some Christians know but how often we get it wrong!

Saturday, 1 November 2014


Having followed the saga for this long I guess I had better say a few words about the final demise of Mars Hill that was announced yesterday.

Some may wonder why I have concerned myself with this particular scandal when there is so much in what purports to be evangelicalism that is manifestly so much worse.

Well, in a way that’s the point.