Saturday, 6 September 2014


With the summer feeling as though it is well and truly over, we now resume our normal weekly schedule in Oxbridge including the indispensable midweek prayer meeting.

A good time to dust off a little classic on this most vital of subjects:

 “But now that we have come together, how shall we pray? Let us not degenerate into formality, or we shall be dead while we think we live. Let us not waver through unbelief, or we shall pray in vain. The Lord saith to his Church, “Open thy mouth wide, and I will fill it.” Oh, for great faith with which to offer great prayers!

  We have been mingling praise and prayer together as a delicious compound of spices, fit to be presented upon the altar of incense through Christ our Lord; may we not, at this time, offer some special far-reaching petition?

It is suggested to me that we pray for a true and  genuine revival of religion throughout the world.”

               Only a Prayer Meeting! C H Spurgeon Christian Heritage Puiblishers p9

 Amen to that!