Monday, 5 May 2014



Handling the fallout from the  latest Steve Chalke story, Adrian Warnock over at Patheos is making a valiant but probably forlorn attempt to reclaim the word evangelical for meaningful use.

 Actually I don't think it is really as difficult as all that to define what an evangelical is. The real trick is getting people who are not evangelicals to stop stealing the clothes from off of our washing line.

But then Jesus always made it clear that folks would be known by their fruit and not by their designer gear.  Witness how some of the comments in his thread are simply an exercise in remaking God in your own image. 

 Like Wallace Gromitt who seems to think that you can love Jesus whilst seemingly hating the Bride that He died for. Or that you can "know" Him without any reference to the biblical belief system put in place by Christians of a far more thoughtful age to explain who He actually is.

I suppose we could try and come up with a new name for what we believe but would there be any point since somebody would have been back over the garden fence before the week was out?