Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Current events prompt me to dare a rare (and very brief) diversion into the realm of politics

 I have learned that whenever any politician makes a statement that is seen as positive about a given religion there is only one thing that needs to be established: to whom was he speaking when he said it?

A politician is not going to speak to a group of Christians and be rude about Christianity. Christians have votes like everybody else. But surely we ought to realize that next week the same politician will speak to some Muslims and say nice things about Islam. The week after that it will be Hindus etc.

 It is only if the nice things are said without being prompted by – say - an address to a religious gathering or in an official statement marking a religious holiday that his words can be considered in any way noteworthy.

Otherwise it is just a politician being a politician.

This seems to me to be so obvious that I have to wonder why so many fail to see it