Thursday, 6 March 2014


As an interesting accompaniment to the postings on heresy that we are in the midst of  I came across this yesterday. 

Across the pond, Ex Latter Day Saint and supposed evangelist to Mormonism Shawn McCraney, has created something of a stir with his recent broadcasts panning…the Trinity!

Listening to Shawn both in the video embedded in the link* and elsewhere it is clear that he has fallen for the old chestnut of the Trinity having being imposed upon the Church by the emperor Constantine at Nicaea, after having stolen the concept from paganism (yawn).

The trouble is that when you investigate all of these alleged examples of Trinitarian thought in paganism they invariably turn out to look nothing at all like the Trinity.But never mind; let’s not allow the facts to get in the way of a good story right?

 Moreover it is worth remembering that the bishops who assembled at Nicaea were still bearing many scars from the torture they had endured only a dozen years earlier in the dying days of pagan Rome. They had borne those trials only because they refused to give up their Christian faith and surrender to paganism. 

 And yet we are expected to believe that these brave & faithful men, having just recently seen their team take power, now turn up at Nicaea and…meekly surrender to the paganism they had just seen off. Sure makes sense to me.

Now Shawn doesn’t seem to like theological terms that aren’t found in the bible. Quite why I do not know- surely the issue is only whether the concept is found in the bible, but never mind.

He denies being a Modalist, but also insists that he is not a Trinitarian. Instead he keeps falling back on the tired old, “I just read the Bible” line (as though nobody else does) & won't allow any theological terminology to intrude into his thinking.

It seems to me that what he can’t avoid though is the matter of logical categories. 

Given that the bible clearly offers us a Father/Son/Spirit revelation, there are only so many options that logic leaves available to us.

I get it to four. If there are more somebody can enlighten me.

1)      Three Gods, three Persons (or “things” as in the link above?!)
2)      One God, one Person but with subsequent 2nd and 3rd Manifestations
3)      Three Gods, one Person (I think I just made this one up but let’s cover all the bases).
4)      One God, three Persons

Now all we need is Shawn to tell us which logical category he thinks actually aligns with the scriptures and then maybe we will be able tell him to which religion he belongs.

* Incidentally I disagree with the conclusion reached by the person I have linked to here. I think this is heresy!