Thursday, 27 February 2014


“All the praying must be done here, for heaven will not be a place to make up a pitiable backlog of unfinished praying.” p89

“A bankrupt who had a millstone of debts around his neck would not delay long in using blank cheques signed by a millionaire and specially donated to him for his distress. Why then do we Christians delay in using the “exceedingly great and precious promises” which have already been signed by the Pierced Hand?” p63

“The price tag for effective prayer differs for every one of us, but the fact remains that a true Spirit-praying person will have much of his domestic life shattered.”p73

“I believe most of us will need the tears wiped from our eyes when the books are opened at the judgement bar of God and our personal prayer record is read.” p54

                                                          Leonard Ravenhill Revival Praying Bethany House